The online travel hacking program that will change your traveling life forever.

Flights, hotels, upgrades, free trips - it’s all inside. Watch a free preview:

Upgrade your experiences with flights, hotels, free trips - it’s all inside.

I share step by step how I implemented the travel hacking principles from my book The Freedom Project. Using screen recordings of my own accounts, I show you exactly how I go about booking free airfare, getting upgraded in hotels (including Las Vegas) and how I’m currently able to get a free Bahamas trip every year

Free Airfare

One of the biggest things from my book ‘The Freedom Project‘ is the ability to get on board of aircrafts for free, or for really cheap. I'll show you exactly how.

Hotel Status

Staying in the cheapest hotel possible is not the experience that’s worthwhile remembering. Instead get the best experience with many extras and benefits included, like free meals, room upgrades and other bonuses.

Free Trips

Simple. As with many things it’s about having the right kind of involvements and memberships that open doors that otherwise remain closed. I'll show you exactly how.

Where would you go, if airfare was free?

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Wilko van de Kamp

Wilko van de Kamp Bestselling Travel Author 

Who's behind this?

WILKO VAN DE KAMP is the author of #1 international best selling travel hacking book The Freedom Project. His inspiration comes from traveling all over the world. He calls the Canadian Rocky Mountains his “home”, and the rest of the world his “office.” Through his work he enjoys sharing his colorful experiences and vision with the world, hoping to inspire you to "just fly."