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Wilko van de Kamp #1 international bestselling author 

You Can Sell More Copies Of Your Book. Join Me On This 8 Day Challenge To Discover Simple Ways To Get Massive Increased Exposure For Your Book

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  • Nobody Knows You Wrote A Book: how do you introduce yourself to your network know you? When asked, do people even know you have a book available for purchase?
  • The Same Boring Updates Over And Over Again: Sharing too much on social media? Or not enough?
  • It's A Lonely Existence: Do you know any fellow authors? Are you helping eachother out? Uncover the power of building a peer network. 
  • Your Online Presence Is Stuck In The Nineties: it's time to take advantage of the power of having an online presence and treat your author career like a business.
  • Sending the Wrong Message to the Wrong People: set the right context to sell more of your books. 
  • You Don't Ask For What You Want: learn how to ask for what you want to take your author career (and book sales) to all new heights.
  • Your Network Is Disengaged With You: leverage the power of your network and professional connections

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